Revolutionary e-methanol
production technology to de-fossilize
transportation & chemistry:
Sustainable fuel Carbon-neutral chemicals Circular production Green methanol .

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ICODOS patented e-methanol production technology enables lowest-cost and at-scale production of sustainable e-methanol.

What We Do

ICODOS is a German-based technology development company that provides the industry with groundbreaking
e-methanol production technology. Based on our patented hybrid process, harmful off-gases are turned into the highly versatile liquid methanol. Produced sustainable and carbon neutral, e-methanol enables carbon-neutral transportation and chemistry.

See how our patented hybrid process works.


Lab demonstration of process

Validation of patented hybrid process through carbon capture and synthesis of real gases.


Commissioning of pilot plant

Fully integrated e-methanol production plant with capacity of 10 tons e-methanol per year.

From 2024

Commercial demonstration and industrial scale-up

Modular industrial-scale plant with production capacity of 3.500 tons e-methanol per year.

ICODOS’ technology enables a fully automated and dynamic production of e-methanol, minimizing energy and fixed operating cost


energy efficiency

ICODOS’ hybrid process requires >30% less energy for carbon capture, enabling a clear cost advantage in e-methanol production

CO2 sources

ICODOS’ proprietary carbon capture process can utilize almost any CO2 point source, alone >40,000 in Europe and North America

carbon capture

ICODOS’ utilizes >99% of the captured CO2 in the e-methanol production, a clear advantage over competing technologies

Green methanol is key to de-fossilizing chemistry, shipping and other transportation industries

Green methanol – sustainably produced methanol – stands as the most viable carbon-neutral fuel substitute for oil, making it crucial for de-fossilizing the shipping and other transportation industries. By replacing fossil fuel in shipping and other transportation industries and feedstock in the chemistry, green methanol promises reductions of giga tons of CO2.

million tons of methanol needed per year in 2050 to meet surging demand

fossil-free alternative to conventional methanol and fuel

giga ton of green house gas emissions due to shipping and methanol chemistry
of global methanol production is sustainable and carbon neutral
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